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Getting Started with C-MOLD

All computer simulations in this book employ C-MOLD software.

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All rights reserved.

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C-MOLD is a registered trademark of Advanced CAE Technology, Inc.
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Product Number: D-711
Version Number: 981.1097

Table of Contents


Using this Manual
Assumptions about Using C-MOLD
Conventions and Symbols
C-MOLD Products
Design/Optimization Software Products
Interactive Software Products
Analysis Software Products
C-MOLD QuickFill
C-MOLD Database
Documentation to C-MOLD Applications

Chapter 1

The C-MOLD User Interface

Common Elements in C-MOLD's User Interface
Menu Bar
Prompt Line
Command Line
Message Line
History Area
Palette Area
Status Area
Menus and Buttons
Working Dialog
Information Dialog
Warning Dialog
Error Dialog
Question Dialog
Selection Dialog
File Selection Dialog
Text Viewing Dialog
Keyboard Use
Controlling Focus

Chapter 2

Design Management with the C-MOLD Control Panel

What is a Design?
The C-MOLD Design Philosophy
C-MOLD Design Templates
The C-MOLD Control Panel
Launching the Control Panel
The Control Panel's Main Window
Preparing a Design
Analyzing a Design
Evaluating a Design
Modifying a Design

Chapter 3

C-MOLD Control Panel Command Reference

File Menu
File; New
File; Open
File; Save As
File; FEA Interface
File; Exit
Options; Units
Options; Customize Templates
Tools; File System
Tools; Script
Tools; Control
Tools; System Palette
Tools; User Palette
Tools; Custom Palette 1
Tools; Custom Palette 2
Tools; Custom Palette 3
Mold Process Menu
Design area
Mesh Menu
Material Menu
Process Cond. Menu
Analysis Area
Design Diagnostics
Design Optimization
Evaluation Area
Extract/Interpret Results
Show Messages/Warnings

Chapter 4


Tutorial 1: C-MOLD Control Panel
Getting Ready
Specifying the Mold Process
Preparing the Design
Saving the Design
Analyzing the Design
Evaluating the Results
Modifying the Design Using the Extracted Data
Reviewing the Designs
Tutorial 2: C-MOLD Process Solution
About the C-MOLD Process Solution
Getting Ready
C-MOLD Process Estimator
C-MOLD Modeler
Preparing a Design for Analysis
Analyzing the Design
C-MOLD Visualizer

Appendix A

C-MOLD Design Templates

Material Properties Templates
Injection Molding
Gas-Assisted Molding
Reactive Molding
Co-Injection Molding
Blow Molding and Thermoforming
Process Conditions Templates
Injection Molding
Gas-Assisted Molding
Reactive Molding
Co-Injection Molding
Blow Molding

Appendix B

Analysis Options Available for Mold Processes Supported by C-MOLD

Appendix C

Customizing Templates

Creating a User-Defined Template
Starting Template Selection Dialog
Modify Template Dialog
Deleting a User-Defined Template

Appendix D

Editing Templates and Tables

Editing Templates
Template Help Information
Editing Tables
Table Help Information

Appendix E

Unit Systems in C-MOLD

Appendix F

Mouse and Keyboard Shortcuts

Mouse Shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard Accelerators by Menu

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Copyright © 1998 Advanced CAE Technology, Inc. All rights reserved.