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C-MOLD Cooling

All computer simulations in this book employ C-MOLD software.

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Product Number: D-722
Version Number: 9880898

Table of Contents


Using this Manual
Assumptions about Using C-MOLD
Conventions and Symbols
Keyboard Mouse ix

Chapter 1


Overview of Heat Transfer Algorithms
Cooling Inputs and Outputs
Objectives of C-MOLD Cooling Analyses
Product Features

Chapter 2

Preparing the Design

Specifying Mesh
Material Properties
Specifying Material Properties
Material Properties Specific to C-MOLD Cooling
Process Conditions
Specifying Process Conditions
Process Conditions Specific to C-MOLD Cooling
Saving the Design

Chapter 3

Executing the Analysis

Procedures for Executing the Analysis
Selecting an Analysis
Launching the Analysis
Specifying Parameters
C-MOLD Cooling and Coolant Flow Parameters

Chapter 4

Evaluating the Results

Output Data Sets
Plotting Output Data
Graphically-Displayed Output Data Sets
Text Output Data Sets
Output Files

Chapter 5

Case Study Example

Mold Inserts with Higher Thermal Conductivity
Case Study

Chapter 6

Example Log File

Appendix A

Cooling System Modeling Techniques

Appendix B

Diagnostic Techniques for C-MOLD Cooling

Appendix C

Launching Analyses from the Keyboard

Launching with Command-Line Arguments
Creating a Launch Execution File
List of Analyses

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Copyright © 1998 Advanced CAE Technology, Inc. All rights reserved.