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C-MOLD Gas-Assisted Injection Molding

All computer simulations in this book employ C-MOLD software.

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Product Number: D-725
Version Number: 981.1097

Table of Contents


Using this Manual
Before You Begin
Assumptions about Using C-MOLD
Conventions and Symbols
C-MOLD Products
Design/Optimization Software Products
Interactive Software Products
Analysis Software Products
C-MOLD QuickFill
C-MOLD Database
Documentation to C-MOLD Applications

Chapter 1


Gas Injection Control Options
Gas-pressure control
Automatic gas-pressure profiling
Gas volume control
Gas-assisted Injection Molding Process

Chapter 2

Preparing the Design

Specifying the Mold Process
Specifying Mesh
Mesh Characteristics
Material Properties
Specifying Material Properties
Material Properties Specific to this Analysis
Process Conditions
Specifying Process Conditions
Process Conditions Specific to this Analysis
Specifying Parameters
Parameters Specific to this Analysis
Saving the Design
Tracking Your Design's History

Chapter 3

Executing the Analysis

Procedures for Executing the Analysis
Selecting an Analysis
Launching the Analysis
Troubleshooting the Analysis Execution Files

Chapter 4

Evaluating the Results

Output Data Sets
Displaying Output Data
Graphically Displayed Output Data Sets
Text Output Data Sets
Output Files

Chapter 5

Case Study Examples

Example 1: Automatic Gas-Pressure Profiling
Preparing the Design for Analysis
Results of the Analysis
Example 2: Using Valve-Gate Control to Simulate Overflow Wells
Preparing the Design for Analysis
Results of the Analysis
Interpreting the results
Example 3: Television Front Bezel
Preparing the Design for Analysis
Results of the Analysis

Chapter 6

Example Log File

Appendix A

Launching Analyses from the Keyboard

Launch with Command-Line Arguments
Create a Launch Execution File
List of Analysis Names

Appendix B

General Design Guidelines for Gas-Assisted Injection Molding

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Copyright © 1997 Advanced CAE Technology, Inc. All rights reserved.