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C-MOLD Process Estimator User's Guide

All computer simulations in this book employ C-MOLD software.

Copyright © 1995, 1997 Advanced CAE Technology, Inc.
All rights reserved.

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C-MOLD is a registered trademark of Advanced CAE Technology, Inc.
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Product Number: D-715
Version Number: 981.1097

Table of Contents


Using this Manual
Overview of C-MOLD
Before You Begin
Assumptions about Using C-MOLD
Typographic Conventions
Keying Conventions
Mouse Conventions

Chapter 1

Introduction to C-MOLD Process Estimator

Launching C-MOLD Process Estimator
C-MOLD Process Estimator's Main Window
Templates and Tables in C-MOLD Process Estimator
C-MOLD Design Templates
C-MOLD Process Estimator's Application Palette
Saving Data for Use by the Control Panel
Print File Formats
PostScript Formats
TIFFs (Tagged Image File Formats)
PCX Format
RGB Format
Unit Conversions

Chapter 2

Using Database Selectors

Overview of the Database Selectors
Searching for Items in the Databases
Viewing Resin Data
Selecting Database Items for C-MOLD Analyses
Supplementary Resin Data
Customizing the User Databases
Adding User-Defined Items
Importing .fit Files to the Resin Database
Modifying User-Defined Items
Deleting User-Defined Items

Chapter 3

Using Process Estimators

Overview of the Process Estimators
Geometry Representation in C-MOLD Process Estimator
Flow Length
Process Window
Cooling Time
Part Cost
Coolant Requirements

Chapter 4

Command Reference

Navigating Process Estimator's Menu System
File Menu
File; Save Material Props.
File; Save Process Conds.
File; Print
File; Print File Format
File; PostScript Options
File; Exit
View Menu
View; Redisplay
View; Show Plot Window
View; Hide Plot Window
Options Menu
Options; Units
Options; Material Plot Configuration
Tools Menu
Tools; File System
Tools; Script
Tools; Control
Tools; System Palette
Tools; User Palette
Tools; Custom Palette 1
Tools; Custom Palette 2
Tools; Custom Palette 3
Resin Sel. Menu
Resin Sel.; Search
Resin Sel.; Clear Search Criteria
Resin Sel.; Select
Resin Sel.; Select 2nd
Resin Sel.; Display Previous
Resin Sel.; Resin Data Sets
Resin Sel.; Query Plot
Resin Sel.; Add
Resin Sel.; Import Fit File
Resin Sel.; Modify
Resin Sel.; Delete
Coolant Sel. Menu
Coolant Sel.; Search
Coolant Sel.; Clear Search Criteria
Coolant Sel.; Select
Coolant Sel.; Display Previous
Coolant Sel.; Add
Coolant Sel.; Modify
Coolant Sel.; Delete
Mold Material Sel. Menu
Mold Material Sel.; Search
Mold Material Sel.; Clear Search Criteria
Mold Material Sel.; Select
Mold Material Sel.; Select 2nd
Mold Material Sel.; Display Previous
Mold Material Sel.; Add
Mold Material Sel.; Modify
Mold Material Sel.; Delete
Machine Sel. Menu
Machine Sel.; Search
Machine Sel.; Clear Search Criteria
Machine Sel.; Select
Machine Sel.; Display Previous
Machine Sel.; Add
Machine Sel.; Modify
Machine Sel.; Delete
Process Estimators Menu
Process Estimators; Flow Length at const. P
Process Estimators; Flow Length at const. T
Process Estimators; Process Window
Process Estimators; Est. Cooling Time
Process Estimators; Est. Part Cost
Process Estimators; Est. Coolant Requirements
Process Estimators; Query Plot
Help Menu
Help; Context- Sensitive
Help; Using Help
Help; Overview
Help; Product Info.
Help; Version
Help; Keyboard
Help; Mouse

Chapter 5


Customizing the Resin Database: An Example
Step 1: Getting Ready
Step 2: Adding the Resin Description
Step 3: Adding Thermal Properties Data
Step 4: Adding Processing Properties
Step 5: Amending the Specified Commercial Name
Step 6: Saving the New Resin
Applying this Example to Other Databases

Appendix A

Database Properties

Resin Properties
Coolant Properties
Mold Material Properties
Molding Machine Properties

Appendix B

Design Templates Provided in C-MOLD Process Estimator

Material Properties Templates
Injection Molding
Gas-Assisted Molding
Reactive Molding
Co-Injection Molding
Blow Molding
Process Conditions Templates
Injection Molding
Gas-Assisted Molding
Reactive Molding
Co-Injection Molding
Blow Molding

Appendix C

Additional Resin Data for Juncture-Loss Analysis

Bagley Constants for Juncture Loss Calculations
Making Bagley Constants Available to C-MOLD Analyses

Appendix D

Resin Nomenclature

Appendix E

Filler Nomenclature

Appendix F

Guide to Common Thermoplastic Resins


Appendix G

Resin Data File Format

Appendix H

Editing Templates and Tables

Editing Templates
Template Help Information
Editing Tables
Table Help Information

Appendix I

Unit Systems in C-MOLD

Index 1

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Copyright © 1996 Advanced CAE Technology, Inc. All rights reserved.