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C-MOLD Reference Manual

All computer simulations in this book employ C-MOLD software.

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Product Number: D-700
Version Number: 981.1097

Chapter 1


Notation Conventions

Chapter 2

Polymeric Material Properties

Why Use Standard Test Methods
Models Used in C-MOLD
Rheological Properties
Thermal and Mechanical Properties
Suggested Polymer Testing Procedures
Specimen Preparation

Chapter 3

Fiber-Mat Material Data for RTM/SRIM Simulation

Permeability in a Cavity with Varying Thickness

Chapter 4

Process Modeling

Sequential Process Control
Fill time
Ram-speed profile (rel) or (abs)
Timer for valve gate
Timer for core or gas injection
F/P switch over by percent volume, injection pressure, or cavity pressure
Post-fill time
Timer for hold pressure
Pack/hold pressure profile (abs) or (rel)
P/O switch over by ejection temperature or conversion
Mold open time
Machine Control
Inlet melt temperature
Inlet melt conversion
Gas injection control option
Automatic gas-pressure profiling control
Maximum machine clamp force
Maximum machine injection volume
Maximum machine injection pressure
Maximum machine injection rate
Machine hydraulic response time
Maximum gas pressure
Auxiliary Control
Ambient temperature
Coolant manifold control
Hot runner manifold control
Transient hot runner manifold control

Appendix A

C-MOLD Design Templates

Material Properties Templates
Injection Molding
Reactive Molding
Blow Molding and Thermoforming
Process Conditions Templates
Injection Molding
Gas-Assisted Molding
Reactive Molding
Co-Injection Molding
Blow Molding

Appendix B

Unit Systems in C-MOLD

Appendix C

Process Data Guide for Generic Materials

Processing Conditions

Appendix D

The C-MOLD Parameter File

Number of layers across the full gap
Number of design outputs in filling
Number of detail outputs in filling
Convergence criteria and number of iterations
Mold-melt heat transfer coefficient
Pressure work?
Juncture losses?
Save restart file (cool)
Restart time
Runner diameter increment (RB)
Analysis type for blow molding/thermoforming (B/T)
Pre-stretch for parison/sheet (B/T)
Initial displacement for pressurization stage (B/T)
Maximum number of loading steps (B/T)
# of GQ points for surface integral (cool)
Residual stress analysis? (W)
Option for structural package (W)
Isolate mechanism for warpage (W)
Number of modes for stress analysis (W)
Option for fiber orientation analysis (W)
Fiber interaction coefficient (W)
Fiber shape factor (W)

Appendix E

Data Sets for C-MOLD Input Files

Data Sets Used in the Parameter File
Parameters: 00000-00999
Data Sets Used in the Material Properties File
First Polymer Material: 01000-01999
Second Polymer Material: 02000-02999
Fiber Material: 03000-03999
First Coolant Material: 06000-06999
First Mold Material: 08000-08999
Second Mold Material: 09000-09999
Data Sets Used in the Process Conditions File
Process Conditions: 10000-19999
Data Sets Used in the Finite Element Mesh File
Nodal Properties: 20000-29999
Elemental Properties: 30000-32000

Appendix F

File Formats

The Parameter File
The Material Properties File
The Process Conditions File
The Finite-Element Mesh File
Data Set Formats
The Output Data Files
Data Set Formats
The Table-of-Contents Files (filename.oxt)
The Service Loading and Fixity File
Data Set Formats
The Interface Files

Appendix G

Mesh Element Properties

Grouping Elements By Element Properties

Appendix H

C-MOLD Analysis Data Files

Appendix I

Technical Bibliography

Injection Molding/Warpage Analysis
Artificial Intelligence Applications
Co-Injection & Gas-Assisted Injection Molding
Mold Cooling
Reactive Processes
Microelectronic Encapsulation
Blow Molding And Thermoforming
Material Properties
Die Casting
Basic Research In Heat & Mass Transfer

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Copyright © 1996 Advanced CAE Technology, Inc. All rights reserved.