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C-MOLD Shrinkage & Warpage User's Guide

Copyright © 1995, 1997 Advanced CAE Technology, Inc.
All rights reserved.

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Product Number: D-723
Version Number: 9780397

All computer simulations in this book employ C-MOLD software.


Overview of C-MOLD
Using this Manual
Conventions and Symbols
Before You Begin
Assumptions about Using C-MOLD
C-MOLD Products
Interactive Software Products
Design/Optimization Software Products
Analysis Software Products
C-MOLD Database
C-MOLD QuickFill
Documentation of C-MOLD Applications

Chapter 1


Integrated Analysis
Residual Stress
Structural Analysis
Mechanisms of Shrinkage and Warpage
Service Loading and Constraints
Where to Find Further Information

Chapter 2

Preparing the Design

Mesh, Service Loadings, and Constraints
Specifying Mesh
Specifying Service Loadings and Constraints
Material Properties
Specifying Material Properties
Material Properties Specific to C-MOLD Shrinkage & Warpage
Process Conditions
Specifying Process Conditions
Process Conditions for C-MOLD Integrated Shrinkage & Warpage
Saving the Design

Chapter 3

Executing the Analysis

Procedures for Executing the Analysis
Specifying Parameters
The Parameter File
Parameters Specific to C-MOLD Shrinkage & Warpage

Chapter 4

Evaluating the Results

Output Data Sets
Isolation of the Mechanisms of Shrinkage and Warpage, for Displacement Data
Displacement Data Sets
X-, Y-, Z-Displacement Data Sets
Displacement Plot
Best Fit: C-MOLD's Default Displacement Plot View
Defining an Anchor Plane
Plots for X-, Y-, Z-Displacement Data
Inquiring Displacement and Distance
Additional Displacement Data Set
Tensor Plot of Stress Tensors
Text Output Data Sets
Output Files

Chapter 5

Performing a Service Loading Analysis

Preparing the Design
Specifying Mesh
Specifying Service Loadings and Constraints
Specifying Material Properties
Saving the Design
Executing the Analysis
Evaluating the Results
Output Files

Chapter 6

Case Study Examples

Example 1: Service Loading
Geometry, Mesh, and Material
Results and Discussion
Example 2:
Shrinkage & Warpage, and Service Loading:
Post-Molding Analysis of a Fiber-Reinforced Part
Results and Discussion

Chapter 7

Shrinkage & Warpage Example Log File

Chapter 8

Service Loading Example Log File

Appendix A

Numerical Model for Structural Analysis

Finite-Element Model of Injection-Molded Parts
Material Models
Formulation of the Shell Finite Element
Solution of the Set of Linear Algebraic Equations: Direct and Iterative Procedures

Appendix B

Determination of Constraints

Separation of Mechanically Independent Substructures
Application of Statically Determinate Constraints
The Best Fit Transformation of the Results

Appendix C

Stress Calculation


Appendix D

Load Calculation

Appendix E

Launching Analyses from the Keyboard

Launch With Command-Line Arguments
Create a Launch Execution File
List of Analyses


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Copyright © 1995, 1997 Advanced CAE Technology, Inc. All rights reserved.