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C-MOLD 99.1 System Administrator Guide

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All rights reserved.

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Product Number: System Administrator Guide
Version Number: 99.1

Table of Contents


Before You Proceed
Intended Audience
Installation Time Estimate

Chapter 1

Checking System Requirements

Hardware Requirements for Installing C-MOLD
Hardware Requirements for Running C-MOLD
Hardware Requirements for Displaying C-MOLD
System Software Requirements for C-MOLD

Chapter 2

Obtaining C-MOLD Keyfiles

About Keyfiles
How to Request Keyfiles
Windows 95 and NT Versions
UNIX Version
All Versions

Chapter 3

Installing C-MOLD

Installing the Windows 95 and NT Versions
Installing the UNIX Version
Overview of a CD Installation
Typical CD Mount Commands
How the Install Script Works
Installing the C-MOLD Keyfile
Editing the Keyfile with ckey
Editing the Keyfile with a Standard Text Editor
Checking the Read Permission of the Keyfile

Chapter 4

Updating Customizations in the User Databases

Update Procedure

Appendix A

C-MOLD License Manager Reference

C-MOLD License Manager
Floating Licenses
Fixed Licenses
The cmoldlmd License Server
Executing cmoldlmd
Command Line Options of cmoldlmd
Format of the C-MOLD Keyfile

Appendix B

Installing the C-MOLD License Manager as a Service on Windows NT

Installing the C-MOLD License Manager as a Windows NT Service
Removing the Service
Troubleshooting and Consulting the Logfile
Service Specific Error 0

Appendix C

Troubleshooting Guide

License Denial Errors
Licensing Error Messages
Troubleshooting License Problems on Windows 95 and NT
Start-up Errors
Start-up Error Messages

Appendix D

PC Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Procedure
Troubleshooting the Keyfile
Error Messages

Appendix E

C-MOLD NT Launch Service

Installing the NT Launch Service
Launching Batch Jobs
Suggested Directory Layout
Working in Local Directories

Appendix F

Displaying C-MOLD on a Small Screen

Appendix G

C-MOLD Environment Variables

Environment Variable Descriptions
Setting Up C-MOLD Environment Variable Definitions

Appendix H

C-MOLD Release Media Contents

Appendix I

Installing C-MOLD for Use across Multiple UNIX Platforms

Sharing Files
Configuring the multiple-platform structure
Which files can be shared?
Running Commands on Another Machine
Setting up your environment
Testing the remote shell command
Enabling UNIX Users to Run Batch Jobs

Appendix J

Configuring Your Window Manager

Appendix K

Special Configuration Issues for IBM RS/6000 Systems

XDM Users
Non-XDM Users
Testing the GLX Extensions

Appendix L

Special Configuration Issues for SGI Systems

Appendix M

Special Configuration Issues for Sun SPARC Solaris Systems

Setting Motif Environment Variables
Setting Motif Window Manager as the Default
Enabling Quit on the Workspace Menu
Enabling Drag and Drop for the Motif Window Manager

Appendix N

Enabling OpenGL and Private Color Maps

Enabling OpenGL
Enabling a Private Color Map

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Copyright © 1997-1998 Advanced CAE Technology, Inc. All rights reserved.