Mentor Graphics
VLSI CAD Tutorials

School of Engineering

Santa Clara University

Santa Clara, CA 95053

At the Design Center, School of Engineering, Santa Clara University, we have developed a set of tutorials to help our students to use Mentor Graphics Tools. The relationships of these tools to Digital/Analog circuit design are outlined in the flowchart shown below.

No previous knowledge of CAD tools is needed to use Analog and Digital tutorials, which are needed to use the Physical Design Tutorials. However, a certain level of knowledge of logic or circuit design is assumed.

The tutorials have been used in undergraduate and graduate courses.

Please use the Mentor Graphics IC Studio 2008.1 version. Use the document given in the link for reference to use Mentor 2008.1.

We will be updating them as time permits and we look forward to your comments for improvement.


If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions, please e-mail

Last revision: October, 2009